Join us for another Biblical discussion of important spiritual principles in partnership with Reliance! The Feasts of the Lord have been sadly neglected by Christians, and where they are prioritized there is a potential for legalism. These feasts are prophetic pictures, and they all point to Jesus. On this Day of Atonement let us come to the cross in humility and worship, praise the Lord for His victory and atoning sacrifice, repent of our sins, and pray for a moment of clarity in our generation. God deserves a harvest! Will the body of Christ allow the Holy Spirit to guide us into all truth and righteousness? Make today the day where you fully surrender your life to God. He has won the victory! The scriptures from this message are found in Leviticus 16 and 2 Chronicles 7.

This broadcast was produced in partnership with Prepper Broadcasting Network via a new collaborative effort Reliance: An Exploration of 21st Century Faith


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