Join us for another Biblical discussion of important spiritual principles! In this message we look at the Parable of the Sower and examine our own hearts to see which type of ground the Word of God finds when it is sown in our lives. All too often we see examples of powerless religion in the American church that leads us to the conclusion that the ground is not fertile for a variety of reasons. However, in addition to repenting corporately for the frivolous way that we have handled the Word of God, we must examine ourselves and ask the Lord to help us to be fruitful. We can’t do it by ourselves, so we must have the faith necessary to press in to Jesus knowing that He can and will transform our hearts and lives. The scriptures from this message are found in Matthew 13 and Psalm 1.

This broadcast was produced in partnership with Prepper Broadcasting Network via a new collaborative effort Reliance: An Exploration of 21st Century Faith


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