One of the virtues humans generally recognize is altruism. To give of oneself for the sake of others requires the concordant characteristics of love, empathy, and selflessness. In today’s world we are confronted with a cocktail of different definitions for these terms to the point that the meaning of the words itself can become thoroughly obscured. Love is a completely different notion depending on the operating worldview. Despite all this, there is still a persistent component of human nature that associates meaning with problem solving.

There are many serious problems in the world. The question is how we can save it – if we even can. All of us must now take proper care of our micro spheres of influence. Then and only then will we be able to have an impact on the macro issues of our time that will impact future generations. Stay tuned for a critical discussion of the solution-oriented mindset that we all must adopt if we are going to make the kind of difference that will lend meaning to our own identity as well as enable our progeny to lead the abundant lives we desire for them.


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