It’s admittedly a bit difficult to figure out whether we’re in the sublime or the ridiculous part of the cycle at this moment, but one thing is certain: everyone is up in arms about what ultimately amounts to a worldview dispute. Whether we think something or someone is right or wrong depends first and foremost on where right and wrong come from. The reason we focus so much on worldview at The Amateur Society is because of its incredible importance. Without a proper perspective and the ability to ask insightful questions, we’re simply going to be stuck in our confirmation bias groupthink mode and no progress will be made.

But what is going on here? With the obsolete media nipping at Trump’s heels on every remark, it appears that there is a larger game being played. We’ll get into this in detail tonight, but it’s definitively possible that this is being done at least in part on purpose. President Trump has become a bizarre version of the 21st century pied piper, and his uncanny ability to trigger the globalist establishment is likely part of a broader ambition to expose various truths at the most advantageous time. Expert negotiation is not just about value and understanding the counterparty: it requires a magnificent sense of timing.

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