Amidst the current cultural morass and political divide lies a critical question that for the vast majority of us that a dozen years of education or even more neither addresses nor answers: what does it mean to know something? Taking a step back from the manufactured outrage and dialectical propaganda, we have to ask ourselves these fundamental questions because otherwise different sides will trade accusations based on diametrically opposed sets of information and so-called facts. These days more than ever we must be actively engaged with critical thinking in order to overcome decision paralysis and to navigate the obscene amounts of contradicting information we encounter on a regular basis.

Join us as we discuss some foundational issues in the field of epistemology, the branch of philosophy that studies knowledge itself. We will cover everything from black swans to quantum physics while looking at Descartes, Hume, deduction, induction, and the notion of a justified true belief. We look forward to having you with us to ask these critical questions!


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