In this generation is may appear that someone, a powerful enemy, has taken away the glory and presence of the Lord from our midst. If our adversary can take away the glory of God, the power of God, and the presence of God, then we will be rendered inert. What are we worshiping in this generation? What are we glorifying? Is the Lord getting the glory in our time, or is it being given to idols that might even be invisible to us? Are the good things of this life taking the place of the holiness of God? When our eyes are not fully on the Lord and our desires not fully with Him, then weakness and vulnerability will enter our camp. Brothers and sisters, let us lay down everything that encumbers us from the glory of God: even if it be the church itself. The glory of God will not be given to another. He is altogether worthy!

Now his daughter-in-law, Phinehas’ wife, was with child, due to be delivered; and when she heard the news that the ark of God was captured, and that her father-in-law and her husband were dead, she bowed herself and gave birth, for her labor pains came upon her. And about the time of her death the women who stood by her said to her, “Do not fear, for you have borne a son.” But she did not answer, nor did she regard it. Then she named the child Ichabod, saying, “The glory has departed from Israel!” because the ark of God had been captured and because of her father-in-law and her husband. And she said, “The glory has departed from Israel, for the ark of God has been captured.”

1 Samuel 4:19-22

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