Our regular open call will take place tonight, Monday 11/27, at 9:00pm eastern time via Skype [DIFFERENT START TIME]. To join in please send us a contact request on Skype by searching for our account name amateursociety. If you have any questions or need clarification, please drop us a line on the contact page here or email us directly at These weekly meetings can be found on Spreaker, YouTube, and on iTunes via the Podcast app.

The importance of listening is an idea that has been repeated so much that it is now a cliche and a common trope for observational comedians discussing relationships. Nonetheless, we can – and must – understand that there is great value, insight, and wisdom in the tried and true sayings. Let’s take a closer look at listening. What does it mean to listen? What makes someone a “good listener”? How much of listening is actually verbal and sound based? Is listening enough to help us solve problems and make better decisions? What do various worldviews say about listening?

Join us for another engaging and informative conversation tonight at 9:00pm!

God bless,


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